A ______ road goes ______ from our village to the center of the town.







straight本身既是形容词又是副词a straight road一条笔直的公路,goes straight一直通向


  • My new car, ______ I paid several thousand pounds ______, is not run-ning well.A.which; forB.that; forC.which;/D.what; with
  • Iwouldappreciate _______ verymuchifyoucouldsendmeafewcopiesofthemechanicdesignofyournewmodel.A.itB.thatC.thisD.you
  • The film ________ me of the days ________ we spent in the small village.A.remembered; whenB.reminded; thatC.remembered; whichD.reminded; when
  • The pound new Library of Birmingham(LoB)will be the most visible sign of the way the city is accepting the digitalization(数字化)of everyday life.Set to open in 2013, the £188m LoB is already beginning to tale shape next to the Birmingham Repertory Theatre, with which it will share some equipment.As digital media(媒介)is important to its idea. the project is already providing chances for some of the many small new local companies working at the new technologies.Brian Gambles, the LoB project director, says it is about giving people the right tools for learning,“The aim is to mix the physical with the digital. Providing 24-hour services which can be used through many different ways. It is important to enable us to reach more people, more effectively.”The digital library will, he says, be as important as the physical one, allowing the distant use of the services, making sure that it is never closed to the public.Even before the LoB is complete, the public has been able to go online to visit the Virtual(虚拟的)LoB, designed by Baden, the Birmingham virtual worlds specialists. Not only have the public been able to learn about LoB, but the virtual one has also enabled those working on the LoB to understand the building and how it will work before it even opens.Two other small Birmingham-based digital companies are working on the LoB projects. Substrat, a digital design company, is developing what it calls “enlarge reality” project. It is about the use of an exciting smart phone, an important part of the LoB which is in the early stages of development is an online library of figures of the city being built by a digital content company in Cahoots, in which users will be encouraged to add to and comment on the material.Gambles says: “Technology will enable us to make the library’s content and services open to citizens as sever before.”The underline part “its idea” in Paragraph 3 refers to the idea of____While visiting the Virtual LoB, the public can_____Which of the following is true of the LoB when it opens? a. It offers better learning toolsb. It reaches users in different ways c. It provides users with smart phoned. It allows users to enrich its materiale. It gives non-stop physical and digital servicesThis text is most probably taken from .the equipment,the project,the digital media,the physical library,the equipment,the project,the digital media,the physical library,get a general idea of the LoB,meet many world-famous experts,learn how to put up a library building,understand how the specialists work on the project,get a general idea of the LoB,meet many world-famous experts,learn how to put up a library building,understand how the specialists work on the project,a, b, d,a, c, e,b, c, d,b, d, e,a, b, d,a, c, e,b, c, d,b, d, e,a put book,a library guide,a handbook,a newspaper report,a put book,a library guide,a handbook,a newspaper report
  • Word came ______ the army stationed in the city would give up and abandon it.A.whatB.thatC.whichD.how
  • Thereisnopointarguingaboutwhat_____theaccident,I’dratheryou_____thevictimsofit.A.led to; focus onB.led to; focused onC.caused ; focus toD.caused toE. focused to
  • Thankstothesatellites,footballgamescometous____onTV.A.1ivingB.1ivelyC.aliveD.1ive
  • Itisreportedthatthechildrenfromtheearthquake-strickenareasarein_________needofloveandattention.A.typicalB.concreteC.desperateD.actual
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